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We're a bunch of fintech coders who think you should be able to play with fake money to win real money for college. And we figured out how to do that with sponsored contests.

We aim to create the largest ongoing scholarship giveaway in history.

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Don't believe us? Well listen to our beta testers:
Alexander Hamilton
Signum City was easy to play, easy to sign up, and they aren't trying to sell me anything, ever. It is the funnest way to get money for college.
Getting scholarship money doesn't have to be suffering, Signum City makes it fun to win scholarships with your friends.
Marco Polo
No need to travel and beg for college money, just sign up for Signum City and start playing now!
Saint Peter
For the love of all things holy, Signum City is making it actually exciting and fun to win scholarship money for college.
Of course, none of these people actually said any of this, but we think they would. Signum City is all this, and more.
Please don’t make us beg, although we’re not beneath that.
You know you want those $10,000 virtual dollars.